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"Somos Uno" Copyright by I.Am.The.Dot.#noAI

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My designs are created entirely by hand using ink pens, making every piece unique. The drawings have a story, a wisdom from the heart connected to them, which most of us can relate to at certain points in our lifetime. 

I also offer a range of personalized printed products that further showcase my original art, but most importantly are made on-demand and meeting sustainable values.

The Story.

I.Am.The.Dot. was born in 2023 while I was solo travelling on the beautiful island of Tenerife. I had gone through big changes in my life, not knowing where I will be in the future and what I will do. All I knew is that I need a change and be who I truly am. 

So, there I was alone, surrounded by beautiful and diverse nature, going to sleep seeing the stars and waking up to the sun rise. Living in harmony with the nature. Meditating, connecting to my true higher self. 

I begun to follow my intuition much stronger than before and felt many times guided on my way. Finding my self in the right place at the right time, so many times. 

I started drawing daily, having no goal no target. Just drawing for myself and writing the story for each drawing. A story of guidance that I felt each day. Drawings started to come and I felt they where always connected to the  one true thing - our heart - listening to our heart and trusting the guidance from within - trusting that whatever it calls for  - it will turn out just as it should - perfectly. 

If you can relate to my story or the stories connected to my drawings - I am happy to connect with you. 

Love, Henrica.E.

Unique dotwork.

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